Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide

Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide

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Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide – Dos and Don’ts

Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide

Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide – Dos and Don’ts

Buying a Portable Ice Maker is not like buying just any item from the store. You don’t just pick the item up, look at the tag price, and pay at the cashier. Then when you aren’t satisfied with it, you can just have it returned or exchanged.

For starters, they’re not exactly on the cheap side, although some are priced lower than others. Being careless and reckless in purchasing portable ice maker would most likely end up with you having one of poor quality and you’d find yourself spending a lot more in repairs and maintenance. And that is not what you signed up for when you made the purchase, am I right?

Key Features To Look For

Here are some of the key features in a portable ice maker that you should look for to ensure you will not be wasting your time and money.

  • Ice-making capability and capacity – We’re talking here mainly of the speed and capacity – how fast the ice maker can make the ice and how much it can produce in a certain period of time. You’d also have to look at the length of time it takes to operate from the moment it is plugged and is turned on.
  • Ice storage and water tank capacity. This refers to how much amount of ice it can hold and how much water you can pour into the tank so the ice-making process will go continuously.
  • Dimensions and design – ‘Portable’ being the operative word, you would naturally look for an ice maker that is light and small enough to be carried from one place to another. After all, isn’t that the very reason you want one of these portable ice machines? The design should also be something that would fit your home and your lifestyle.
  • Quality of ice – You should be in a position to know what you need in terms of the ice cubes that will be produced. There are ice makers that produce only one size of ice cubes while many others have three size selections. The shape of the ice cubes also differ according to the brand or model of portable ice machine.
  • Controls and Add-ons – Portable ice makers now come with various controls and add-ons. You could choose those with simple electronic controls or the ones with digital or LCD displays. You can also choose an ice maker that has to be manually filled with water or buy one that comes with a water line connection. Other inclusions are ice scoops and built-in drains.

Additional Features

  • Self Cleaning — A self-cleaning ice maker ensures that you portable ice maker always produces the best quality, and healthy, ice cube.
  • Automatic Timer — An automatic timer makes your portable ice maker convenient to use. You can set it to start at a particular so the ice will be ready when you need it.
  • Ice Size Selection — With some portable ice makers, you can choose between two or three different sizes of ice cube.
  • Ice Scoop — The majority of portable ice makers include an ice scoop.

Tips on Buying A Portable Ice Maker

When making your ice maker purchase, DO:

  • Storage – Check out the ice storage and water tank capacity if they will be sufficient for your needs.
  • Speed – Check the ice-making speed and assess if it will be able to keep up with your ice needs when the time comes.
  • Portability – Choose a portable ice machine with a well-insulated storage compartment. This would ensure that the ice will stay fresh and cold for a longer period.
  • Shape and Size – Consider if you need an ice machine that can produce various sizes and shapes of ice or just a simple one.
  • Quality – Make sure the quality of the material used in manufacturing the body of the portable ice machine is very good. You do not want your ice with a metallic (for stainless steel and other metal ice makers) or plastic (for those that are made from plastic) taste.
  • Touch and feel – Portability is important, so you should test whether the portable ice maker you are considering can actually be moved and transported about with ease.
  • Shop around – When buying online, reading our reviews and testimonials about the product will help a lot. These reviews would also help a lot when you go to the online store for your own residential ice machine.

Meanwhile, DO NOT:

  • Go for flash – Just because it looks pretty and sleek does not instantly mean it is the best choice. The exterior is nice but you want a portable ice maker that primarily works, not just look good and perform at half-par.
  • Settle – You may be on a tight budget, but do not let that be your primary reason for buying a low-quality portable ice machine. Do not immediately buy the cheapest unit without checking out its features. You would probably end up with an ice maker that does not deliver when it matters the most and, worse, be saddled with cost of repairs and maintenance.
  • Be brand-conscious  – Sure, some brands might have been making these portable ice machines for decades, but that alone should not be your basis. Some newer brands in the market are actually quite competitive when it comes to quality and value.

Final Words

Buying your own Portable Ice Maker is an investment and, as in every investment you make, you should make them with a lot of thought and consideration beforehand to make sure you get value – and returns – for you money.

The Ice Maker
The Ice Maker
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